Welcome to the Journey

To all my Transcenders

People who know that there is more to life than what they are currently experiencing. To the people fed up of living the same old and not seeing anything fresh or new. To the people who are tired and broken and giving up hope on anything good coming your way. To those of you who just need a bit of inspiration and motivation, to those of you who just want to grow, my sincere prayer is this blog is for you. This blog is a blog of healing and encouragement I believe, some of the things I will share are things that I have had to journey and helped me TRANSCEND. This journey isn’t over but it is a life long journey. This journey isn’t one with a destination that is known but a direction that is clear, fresh, upwards, forwards, beyond, exceeding, surpassing, above, outdoing, excelling and over passing anything I have seen or done before and then some. Never looking back in regret but always looking forward in hope. The best is always ahead of us.
So if you are someone who this resonates with, welcome to the journey, the movement. Time to go from strength to strength and glory to glory. Time to Transcend x.

P.s. the x is not a kiss, it’s an and.

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