The Power of Silence

It’s been over 2 weeks since lockdown in the UK began. It feels like so much has happened in that time. It feels like that the time has gone quickly but the days have dragged for some. In all of this time one thing I have noticed is how noisy life is. So many different voices speaking, so many different opinions being presented on a number of topics. Then there’s our voice in our head that’s speaking to us too, and let’s not forget how loud the expectations of others are as well. We cannot ignore the static noise of our busy lives and often unproductive patterns of living either. This noise of life is interesting as noise really is sound without clarity. And sound is noise with clarity.

In the noisiness of life we are constantly searching for clarity for our worlds. Clarity in what we are doing and where we are going. Clarity to make sense of everything that is happening in us, to us and through us.

Albert Einstein, arguably the greatest mind of the 20th century, famously said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. For so many of us the desire of clarity is there, but how do we find clarity in so much noise and busyness?

For those of us that are old enough to know what the radio is, to get to the station you wanted to listen to, and have a CLEAR SOUND, you had to tune in to the right frequency. And when you got there you knew because the sound was clear. On the journey to that clarity was static. Static is the absence of a coherent signal. There’s all sorts of background radiation in the universe, and if there is no stronger signal (Radio, or TV for example) then this is what your receiver is playing. It sounds the way it does because there is no coherence to it.

Our lives can be full of static, so much background radiation and if there is no stronger signal, then for many of us our lives play static and has no coherence to it.

Recently during this time where everything seems to be loud, I have been going on walks and appreciating the power of silence.

Silence gives us the opportunity to realise what is static noise in our world and reconfigure to have a clear sound.

Silence is about rediscovering, through pausing, the things that bring us joy. – Erling Kagge.

I believe this period of time we have been blessed with is an opportunity for us to find a stronger signal in our worlds. One that brings clarity to the noise. One that brings purpose to the pain. One that causes us to see beyond our present circumstances. For me that is my faith, for you that might be different. Whatever it is, I believe that silence is a conduit to finding it. Silence in an age of noise is underrated, undervalued and under appreciated. We feel we have to fill every moment that isn’t already filled. If we aren’t doing something we are uncomfortable. What we fail to realise is when everything is stripped away we don’t know who we are or why we are here. Silence offers us a bridge in to the unknown where we discover an anchor for our soul. Silence has the capacity to show us how dim life really is without clarity. Maybe we like things loud and busy because it masks the true image of our lives and souls.

During this time of lockdown, I want to encourage you and myself, to find pockets of silence. To find spaces of tranquility that offers an opportunity to tune into clarity fm. Where we can truly begin to make sense of our lives’ direction.

For many of us we hardly pause. We are always accessible. We fear our phones dying or not having access to data and WiFi. We fear what is on the other side of being cut off. Technology was supposed to better our way of life and it has, but it has also altered us and made our connections with each other fleeting and undervalued. This lockdown has revealed to us how much nearness is essential to our existence.

In the silence of pause moments we get an opportunity to appreciate our humanity, but also to rediscover and be reminded of who we are and what we truly desire. In silence we realise how much of what we do on a daily basis we don’t need to or is without any thought. Silence gives us the opportunity to think about what we are thinking about. Silence gives our focus more focus. Silence breaks down what needs to be broken down. We need silence and we need it now. It is a space waiting to recharge our minds and emotions so that we can be what each other needs in such a crazy time.

This week, why not put silence meetings in your diary. No phone, no book. Just you. A pen and a journal to offload your thoughts. Who knows how much clarity you might find to the noise that’s in your head.

Love, peace and silence wings


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