Still I see no changes

One of the hardest things for human beings is change. Although it is the one thing most people struggle with, it is also the one constant in life. Change is always happening. In us, around us, through us, to us, subtlety and suddenly. All kinds of shapes, through things and people, change is inevitable. The high street you grew up next to looks completely different now than it did ten years ago. Change happened. Change happens. Change is happening. The best way to deal with change is to accept it , embrace it and work with it.

1. Accept – understand the comfortable zone you are in once was foreign. Change had to happen for you to have and eventually learn to love where you are at. Accept that the future is not your enemy but an opportunity to be a better version of you. Accept that pain may come but it is an indication of growth, newness coming and the old dying. Accept that the best version of you isn’t who you currently are. Accept it so that you can embrace it.

2. Embrace it – embracing change is learning to not push back against it, but to allow change to have its way in you. Often when change comes we try to hold on to things around us that actually offer us nothing for the new season we are in. I recently moved home. What a big change it has been for me. One of my comforting things that I almost did was take things from my last home with me that I didn’t need but I thought (lied to myself) might be needed one day. If you haven’t used something for over a year, chances are you don’t need it. What things are in your world that are reminders of the old you but not precursors to the new you? You can survive and better yet thrive without that thing. You lived without it before you had it. Embrace the change, it may hurt, it may feel uncomfortable but it is growing you.

3. Work with it. When change happens often we go from a mature space to a baby space in our new season. Meaning that what may have been fully developed and bore fruit in a previous season looks like it makes more sense than planting a seed, or a shoot coming through the soil. This can be discouraging if we have gone from something safe, familiar and sensible. But don’t despise the day of humble beginnings. Every tree started as a seed. Every grown up started as a baby, everything we see started as a thought or an idea. It was the constant care, work and patience that allowed those things to develop and grow. Learn to work with the seed form, be faithful with it and watch it blossom into a new season and chapter greater and beyond the one you left. The best is always ahead of us, if, we accept the old has gone, embrace the new is here and work with all we have to develop the opportunity that is now before us.

I’ll end with this. People are often the common denominator when change occurs in our life. People move on, people leave us, or we move on and leave people. Whatever happens we can often mistaken the change of this for people disliking us or hating on us. Now sometimes this is the case lol but other times, we out grow people and the level we have been living at. Learn to not make or take things personally. Everyone is on their own journey. I liken life to a tv series. The greatest tv series I have ever watched is 24. I love it passionately. the concept of 24 is simple. Every episode is in real time. The season is 24 episodes of one hour each one. Meaning effectively you get a whole day of events. Really cool concept right. Now what’s great about it is that anyone can go. Die, leave, be good guy and turn bad, you name it, it happens. There are 9 seasons of 24. The main character does not change. But the people in his story does. Some changes are forced, some are chosen, some are consequences to his decisions. Whatever the change is, his life goes on. And when it looks like a change is bad, it leads to him discovering something good. Some of the people in his life only appear in season 1. Some appear in a few back to back. Some appear in one season and come back 4 seasons later. Whatever happens, the show goes on. Life can be like this for us. The challenge for us is to be able to accept, embrace and work out who and when someone no longer is able to play a starring role in our show or if they’re season is done. Whatever that looks like, this is the journey we are all on. If someone has to leave your story be thankful they played their part in it. Embrace the change of this and work with it to see your character develop and your story grow into a new chapter.

Love peace and chicken wings


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