Transcend X

Team – Transcend X was founded by Michael Duah, but has a consortium team of experts that can be called upon to meet your needs. There is no one size fits all, but intentional thought and action is the key. Whatever your need Transcend X can help.

Consultancy – Transcend X offers thoughts and possible solutions to businesses, organisations and individuals that help them to rise up and go beyond their ordinary limits. Whether it is structural, organisational, teams, individuals, Transcend X will help you and your niches elevation.

Talks – Transcend X delivers motivational and inspirational talks to various kinds of audiences to help people believe in their own unique opportunity of life. These talks help the participants to discover their unique vision, their personal declaration and their life defining mark the world is waiting for them to leave. From schools to businesses to conferences, book in now to have your people moved to leave a legacy in their worlds.

Training – training to leadership, staff and volunteer teams. Transcend X training is to inspire, equip and raise the recipients to a new level of thinking and action.

Coaching – Transcend X offers skills coaching. This is one to one but can be done in groups. This coaching aims to use proven psychological methods to be able to strengthen the weak areas in your world.

Mentoring – Transcend X mentoring comes alongside people and helps walk with them in the direction they want or need to go. We do group or one to one mentoring. Limited Edition program focuses on identity, self esteem, purpose, emotional intelligence and paradigm shifting. Alterlocus program focuses on fresh starts, life change, heart transformation and thought elevation. These programs are used as resources, but we can deliver bespoke programs after consultation.

Schools – Transcend X believes in the next generation and the people who are helping and working with the next generation. We work with young people who are hard to engage, underachieving and at the risk of exclusion. We believe that our coaching and mentoring are great ways of helping those young people to transcend their current experiences. We also offer school tours with inspiring speakers and artists. These tours will bring a fresh wave of life and optimism into your school.

TX:TV – check out the Transcend X instagram and YouTube channels for elevating content.