why michael speaks

After burning out, and seeing his life, family and career take a bad turn, Michael is committed to breathing life into leaders and helping them to see the value of self care and self awareness. He helps leaders remove self-imposed limitations, find their unique vision, voice and vocation by delivering first class transformational talks, bespoke services, coaching and consultation. Michael travels internationally sharing powerful truths and lessons wrapped up in lived experiences that help people to rise up and go beyond their ordinary limits, so that they can see their value and worth. Michael firmly believes that every person has their own unique vision, voice and vocation and uses his talks to help his audience see and believer there is more in them. He advocates that no one is their mistakes, mess ups, or failures, but all of these things and more are opportunities to find a grace higher, deeper and wider than any brokenness we have in our lives. Michael shares this message of hope in leadership settings, conferences, camps, churches, youth groups, schools, on the streets and wherever it is needed. Michael is a well sought after gifted communicator.

My name is Reg Awoliyi a pastor in London and I have had Michael speak at my organisation on a number of occasions.

Michael is a fantastic speaker!

He is both humorous and insightful and has a brilliant way of connecting to the hearts of those who are listening to him. He has an amazing ability to convey truthful thoughts that inspire, challenge and equip people. 

If you are thinking about getting Michael to speak – do it.